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August 22 11:50 2012 by The Editor Print This Article

The banking sector in Malta

The European Central Bank has identified Malta’s banking sector as being one of the most robust and resilient within the EU. In the World Economic Forum Competitiveness Index 2008/2009, Malta’s banking system was also ranked as the tenth soundest in the world. This is a an additional testament to the reputable and practical legislative framework laid out in the Malta Banking Act and the active monitoring undertaken by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). 
The Maltese banking originated and still followed the British banking system. Already established local banks enjoy deep roots traditions which improve their services and increases efficiency, speed and friendliness. Besides, Malta´s international banking has establishing itself as a finance hub in the Mediterranean region.
The Maltese banking sector continues to evolve, currently reaching 24 foreign or privately owned credit institution and 15 financial institution licensed by the MFSA. Amongst the before mentioned are found some of the most respected international finances and a wide number of banks offering highly specialized trade related instruments. The banking segments available in Malta include retail banking, private banking, investment banking, commercial banking, trade finance, project finance, treasury and the provision of syndicated loans.