Residence in Malta

March 30 14:38 2020 by The Editor Print This Article

Taking up residence in Malta need not be a daunting process.  Malta is very friendly to foreigners and Maltese immigration law is intentionally attractive to entrepreneurs, investors and retirees.  Tourism has been a long-standing pillar of the Maltese economy and over the years, successive Maltese governments have build Maltese Investment Migration as a strong pillar next to financial services.  Malta offers a number of programmes for residence in Malta to suit all profiles of international investors and globe trotters.

Global Residence Programme

This residence programme is the latest version of the Permanent Residence program aimed at attracting investment in Malta and providing an alternative residence in Europe.  With a lower minimum tax requirement and lower thresholds for buying or renting property, the 2013 Malta Global Residence Programme ensures Malta's place at the top of world alternative residence destinations.

Malta Residence & Visa Programme

Malta's Golden visa is a Maltese residence by investment programme granting permanent residence in just 6 months.  Officially "the Malta Residence & Visa Programme" or MRVP, it grants investors and their families, including parents, grandparents and dependent children without age limitation, a permanent residence after a processing time of six to eight months. This allows new residents to enjoy full visa-free assess to all the 26 countries in the Schengen Area as well as Permanent Residency in Malta, with the right European Long Term Residence at the end of 5 years living in Malta.

Malta's Retirement Programme

EU pensioners and retirees, old and young entering the Malta's Retirement Programme are entitled to favourable tax treatment of their pensions on relocating to Malta and remitting their full pension, which must form the larger part of their income in Malta.  Subject to tax only on a remittance basis, other foreign sourced income is not within the scope of Maltese personal tax.

Malta Permanent Residence Programme

Now the most popular residence in Malta, the Permanent Residence Programme was announced in 2021 and tops the list of golden visa programmes in Europe.  Since the 1960’s, Malta has sought to attract foreign direct investment not least through the attractiveness of its immigration law for the mass affluent.  For this reason, Malta has continued with its policy of attracting foreigner entrepreneurs and investors to obtain residence in Malta under the Malta Permanent Residence Program.  Residence in Malta is granted through property investment and a one-time non-contribution to the Maltese government.  All investments are due only after approval.

Work Permits in Malta

In respect of nationals from non-EU countries, the Maltese Government maintains a stricter policy and Work Permits for foreigners are granted subject to stricter eligibility rules.