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August 22 11:50 2012 by The Editor Print This Article

Aviation industry in Malta

In the last few years, Malta has witnessed an exceptional growth in the aviation industry, attracting internationally renowned companies to set up operations in Malta. As part of its economic development strategy, Malta is supporting diverse sectors in the aviation industry, including maintenance, repair and overhaul operations, back-office setups, R&D and the production of aircraft components.


Thanks to the implementation of the Aircraft Registration Act on October 1st. 2010, Malta is now deemed to be a highly competitive jurisdiction for aircraft registration. Malta established itself as the first member state to accede to the Cape Town Convention and Aircraft Protocol, following accession by the EU, and securing its reputation as an aviation centre. The regulatory Framework available in Malta for the registration of aircraft and aircraft mortgages in known as the Aircraft Registration Act.


The countries small size does not stop it from offering a variety of airline services. The Maltese Aviation industry is also continuously evolving and updating along with the changing legislation and market advancement. This offers aviation companies a cost-efficient as well as a reputable hosting jurisdiction.