iGaming NEXT 2023 in Malta Marks Historic Attendance and Stresses Country’s Gaming Prowess

June 30 00:00 2023 by The Editor Print This Article

The iGaming NEXT 2023, one of the world's leading international iGaming conferences, concluded its event at the Mediterranean Conference Centre (MCC) in Malta last week, breaking records and underscoring Malta’s dominance in the gaming sector. Boasting an impressive turnout of 4,000 delegates, the event has been registered as the largest conference ever held at the MCC, according to official government records.

Event Highlights

Global Participation: The conference saw participation from over 70 countries, a testament to its international appeal and influence. This gathering of the industry’s best featured 200 speakers, offering insights, trends, and discussions on the future of iGaming.

Support from the Top: Malta’s Prime Minister, Abela, endorsed the event, stating that the conference, which had the backing of Gaming Malta foundation, accentuated Malta’s stature in the gaming world. Such events not only fortify Malta’s position in gaming but also boost its hospitality and entertainment sectors, leading to an uplift in economic results.

A Meeting of Minds: During his visit, Abela, accompanied by the Economy Minister Silvio Schembri, engaged with Matin Petterson, the founder of iGaming NEXT, and representatives from various iGaming firms, indicating the government's keen interest and support for the sector.

iGaming: a Pillar of the Maltese Economy

iGaming in Malta isn't just about conferences; it's a booming economic pillar. In the span of three years, the sector has seen a surge in employment numbers by 34%, catapulting from 11,747 employees in 2019 to 15,774 by the close of 2022. This growth trajectory also witnessed the emergence of 50 new iGaming companies actively operating from Malta. Furthermore, over the preceding two years, the sector has marked an increase of 5.8% in its gross value added.

Prime Minister Abela was emphatic in his message that such events echo the government’s economic vision and only strengthen Malta's sterling reputation in the iGaming sector.

Malta's Future as an iGaming Hub

As curtains fell on iGaming NEXT 2023, the sentiments were clear: Malta continues to be a hub for iGaming, and its trajectory suggests even brighter days ahead. The country's blend of governmental support, a thriving economy, and the allure of a dynamic industry ensure that Malta remains at the forefront of global iGaming.