NDSF: The Malta Citizenship Investment Fund

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The National Development and Social Fund (NDSF) is a Government Agency with its main role to manage and administer the contributions made through the in order to contribute towards the gradual growth of our nation’s wealth by adhering to the highest international standards of governance, accountability, transparency and management performance for the benefit of the Maltese society.

Establishment of the NDSF

The National Development and Social Fund (“NDSF”) was established on 6 January 2015, by virtue of Subsidiary Legislation 188.03, “Individual Investor Programme (“IIP”) of the Republic of Malta Regulations” made under the Maltese Citizenship Act Cap. 188.

The Function of the NDSF

The funds received by the NDSF are used for the public interest in the light of achieving a higher platform in the field of education, research and innovation taking as well in to consideration justice and the rule of law, employment initiatives along with an on-going progression in the sector of sustainable environment and public health. With the introduction of a range of projects and initiatives of national importance and public interest, the fund aims at developing our economy as well as our public services to a higher level for the general well-being of our present and future generations by establishing real positive returns and preservation of capital over a long term.

Key Projects of the MIIP Fund

MIIP has been contributing to our nation’s economy over a whole other level making Malta and Gozo a better place for our present and future generations.

  • NSDF is continuously working towards achieving the well being of people, where close to €1 million was invested in the upgrading of the cardiology department at Mater Dei Hospital allowing more than 3,000 patients to get a more effective treatment.
  • A €6 million contribution was also committed to Puttinu Cares Foundation helping this charitable organisation develop new accommodation units in London, these will be used by families suffering from Cancer while receiving medical care in the UK.
  • Malta’s Primary Health Care system has been donated with €10 million being invested in the upgrading of the global health centres. The investment will be spread over eight health care centres and 54 district clinics where better medical services shall be given to our community.
  • €60 million have been invested to support the building of a thousand new units around the Maltese islands giving a home to a thousand in 22 different sites based on social profiling, spread over 12 localities to ensure that the demand is adequately catered for.
  • €6 million are being used to upgrade Malta’s national strategy for Sport and Physical Health by developing sport facilities and recruit international coaches to ameliorate our local talent.
  • Over the last four years, beneficiaries of Maltese citizenship have made more than 625 donations to various NGOs around the island with a total value exceeding €4 million, in the fields of art, culture, heritage and philanthropy, with the amount being at their sole discretion.


MIIP has been set up to attract High Net Wealth individuals to contribute towards the Maltese islands not only economically but also by enriching our society with various professions, investors and entrepreneurs.

The whole process is handled in a matter of 12 months

The Residency stage: Applicants who are not already residing in Malta are advised to start the process of residency to begin their 1 year residency requirement. A deposit on account of the €650K contribution is due at this stage: €5,000 for main applicant. €1,000 per dependent. Within 3 weeks the applicant will receive his e-residence card.

Day 0: The application and the necessarily supporting documentation is formally submitted to Identity Malta. Due diligence fees, passport fees and a deposit of €10,000 on account of the €650K contribution are paid.

Day 90: at this stage MIIP Agency shall confirm whether the documentation submitted is in accordance to the stipulated standards addressed by law

Day 120: An approval of the process is given by Identity Malta which is conditional only to the fulfilment of the obligations undertaken under the IIP.

Day 125: MIIP Agency formally requests payment of remaining balance on the contribution & passport fee.

Day 145: Deadline for paying balance on contribution.

Day 240: Final Compliance: Provide evidence of Property Purchase / Rental & €150K investment in bonds.

Issue of Certificate of Naturalisation: + passport. Subject to: Oath of Allegiance & 1 Year residence.