Malta Registration Tax & Road License for Motor-Vehicles - Budget 2003



Malta Budget Report 2003

Registration Tax & Road Licence For Motor Driven Vehicles

Racing cars
Stated Aim:
To regularize the position of motor racing enthusiasts.
Reduction in Vehicle Registration Rate for specially equipped racing cars by 6.5% instead of the current rates of between 50.5% and 75%.
Naturally, given that these specially equipped cars are not driven on public roads, there will be no payment of road license in their regard.
Vintage Cars
Stated Aim:
To encourage the preservation and restoration of vintage cars for exhibition purposes.
All classic, vintage or authentically veteran vehicles and motorcycles will be subject to new registration tax rates:
Vehicles manufactured pre- 1/01/1951: 11% - 16.5%
Vehicles manufactured 1/01/1951 - 31/12/1970: 50%
of the rate registration;
Road licenses for the above vehicles is reduced by half.


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